Andrea Breth {27/04/2002}



A fateful game where there is no winner takes its course. The players are all stranded who have lost themselves somewhere on their travels between New York, Paris, Sidney or Moscow. Your home is the airport, which with its futurist ambience can only insufficiently replace your home.

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Andrea Breth {30/04/2004}



Don Carlos is a tragedy in five acts by Friedrich Schiller. The title character is Carlos, Prince of Asturias and the play as a whole is loosely modeled on historical events in the 16th century under the reign of King Philip II of Spain.

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Andrea Breth {27/11/2005}

Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)


Set in the “plantation home in the Mississippi Delta” of Big Daddy Pollitt, a wealthy cotton tycoon, the play examines the relationships among members of Big Daddy’s family, primarily between his son Brick and Maggie the “Cat”, Brick’s wife.

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Andrea Breth {29/04/2005}

Der Kirschgarten (The Cherry Orchard)

Anton Tschechow

The Cherry Orchard is the last play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. The play revolves around an aristocratic Russian landowner who returns to her family estate (which includes a large and well-known cherry orchard) just before it is auctioned to pay the mortgage.

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Andrea Breth {2005 - STYRIARTE, GRAZ}


Georges Bizet

Carmen is an opera in four acts by French composer Georges Bizet. It is set in southern Spain and tells the story of the downfall of Don José, a naïve soldier who is seduced by the wiles of the fiery gypsy Carmen.

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Andrea Breth {26/07/2008 - SALZBOURG FESTIVAL}

Verbrechen und Strafe (Crime and Punishment)


Crime and Punishment is a novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky. It focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Rodion Raskolnikov, an impoverished ex-student in Saint Petersburg who formulates a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her money.

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Andrea Breth {16/05/2009}

Blaue Spiegel (Blue Mirrors)

Albert Ostermaier

Sybel and Jack have exhausted themselves in the vicious circles and in loosening the Gordian relationship knot of their marriage. Sybel is traumatized. For them, Jack is a murderer, a bluebeard, the wolf.

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Andrea Breth {25/09/2009}

Der Zerbrochene Krug (The Broken Jug)

Heinrich Kleist

This comedy about the village judge Adam, who in his futile attempt to seduce the virginal Eve is ultimately forced to pass sentence on himself, is at the same time the story of a law destroyed.

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Andrea Breth {06/03/2010}


Bernard-Marie Koltès

Two different worlds are forced violently together when a middle-class couple find themselves in the hands of marginalised immigrants on the outskirts of a city. All attempts at communication seem futile, particularly since the lack of understanding arises not only from social difference but also from inner alienation.

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Long Day’s Journey into Night is a drama play in four acts written by American playwright Eugene O’Neill. This play portrays a family in a ferociously negative light as the parents and two sons express accusations, blame, and resentments—qualities that are often paired with pathetic and self-defeating attempts at affection, encouragement, tenderness, and yearnings for things to be otherwise.

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Andrea Breth {27/03/2019}

Die Ratten (The Rats)

Gerhart Hauptmann

The Rats is a stage drama in five acts by Gerhart Hauptmann. Set in Berlin, ‘The Rats’ begins with a personal state of emergency: Heavily pregnant servant girl Pauline Pipercarcka seeks refuge in the attic which theatre manager Harro Hassenreuter uses as a props room. Here Pauline hopes to secretly give birth – with Mrs. John’s assistance. But nothing goes according to plan.

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Andrea Breth {16/01/2020}

Drei Mal Leben

Yasmina Reza

Honestly: How much in our life do we really have in our hands? Is it all a question of attitude or perspective? Would yesterday evening have been different if we had acted differently? Would we have insisted on our right or, conversely, been more defensive?

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