Drei Mal Leben

Author: Yasmina Reza

Directed by: Andrea Berth

Premiere: 16/01/2020

Honestly: How much in our life do we really have in our hands? Is it all a question of attitude or perspective? Would yesterday evening have been different if we had acted differently? Would we have insisted on our right or, conversely, been more defensive?

“Three times life” goes into exactly this experiment: three times Henri and Sonja are looking forward to a quiet evening. The doorbell rings three times and the Finidoris are at the door, ready for a dinner together, to which Henri and Sonja have invited in the hope that Hubert, who is far more successful professionally, can push Henri’s career. Unfortunately, guests come a day early. In three attempts, fights, sex, self-esteem and recognition are fought in changing alliances and different maneuvers. All involved get tangled not only in the expectations of others, but also in their own quirks and vanities.

With her comedy “Drei Mal Leben”, Yasmina Reza has created a picture of social conflict of roles that opens up almost every human abyss between wit and banality. In three variations of an evening, her characters embark on the absurd search for the right life in the wrong, struggle for self-determination and self-fulfillment within social conventions that they cannot get rid of.